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WZU's Successful Story

◦ Tsui-Yun Lin
Assistant Professor
Department of Applied Chinese & Graduate Institute of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

Professor Tsui-Yun Lin is one of the leading scholars dedicating to Chinese online education. She is also the winner for Taiwan National Education Award for her contribution to Chinese online education.

In 1996, Professor Lin joined Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages (“WZU”) in Kaohsiung Taiwan. In 2005, she started exploring internet for offering online Chinese education. After 7-year continued efforts, Professor Lin at WZU introduced the online Chinese education program in 2012, dedicating to foreign students. WZU is the first university in Taiwan to launch online Chinese education program.

WZU's Online Chinese Education Program is highly recognized by global education institutes, The program has been qualified by more than 25 universities worldwide, including universities in the U.S., Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam etc, with more than 500 foreign students completed the program. In 2019, WZU launched “The Online Chinese Teacher Certificate”, the first university in the world to introduce Chinese online teaching certificate to ensure the quality of online teachers.

WZU Quadripartite Interactive Design

In 2012, Professor Lin introduced the “Quadripartite Interactive Design”, an innovative approach for Chinese online education, maximizing student's learning experience through online interactions.

  • Online Interaction with Teachers
  • Online Interaction with Classmates
  • Online Interaction with Learning Platform
  • Online Interaction with Learning Materials
  • This innovative approach immediately attracted attention, wining positive feedback from Chinese learning students. Professor Lin's academic achievements were highly recognized by the Chinese education industry, Today, more than 500 tutors use our Quadripartite Interactive approach for their daily teaching for online Chinese classes.

    WZU Commitment to Online Chinese Education for Foreigners

    WZU, as one of the leading language education universities in Taiwan, is committed to online Chinese education.

    ◦ Mei-Hua Chen, Ed.D.
    President of Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages

    • Majority of our domestic students majored in foreign languages are required to complete classes designed for online Chinese Education
    • We work with our partners to design internship program for our students, allowing them to gain practical teaching experience at school
    • All WZU students are strongly encouraged to obtain the “Online Chinese Teaching Certificate” to commit to online Chinese education
    • We have developed international programs to allow more people to learn Mandarin via our online Chinese program, bridging the gap between East and West
    • We have been expanding our online Chinese programs, including A1, A2 B1, B2, etc, with more than 1000 students enrolled the classes all over the world

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